Muzzle Brakes

The Roedale Muzzlebrake was developed in conjunction with the University of Applied Science Osnabrück/Germany. Recoil reduction capability was tested using the latest test methods and equipment (Piezoelectric force sensors).Tests where carried out using the same rifle and ammunition with and without the muzzlebrake attached.  Our muzzlebrake proved to be one of the most efficient Recoil Reduction Systems available.  The reduction in recoil force is around an honest 50% in typical Sniper Rifle, Hunting and Target intensity calibers. ( .308Win / 8x57Mauser / 9.3x62 / .300 WM / .338 LM / .408 Cheytac ) Roedale standard size Muzzlebrakes are fitted with a stainless steel "Caliber Group Specific"  blast deflector insert to ensure optimum performance with each caliber group. The smaller M14x1 & M15x1 brakes are not fitted with an insert but are bored to specific caliber size, ensuring optimum performance.
The fitting of a muzzlebrake offers several advantages:

    -  Reduced felt recoil
    -  Minimized muzzle flash
    -  Reduced muzzle flip
    -  Increased accuracy potential, faster return to target or secont target aquisition
    -  With side directional ports, reduction / ellimination of blinding effects of flash at night, and dist signature
    -  Enhanced appearance

Our "no gunsmithing", clamp on breaks also offer the following additional advantages:


    -  Simple attach and detachment
    -  No permanent modification to the firearm
    -  Adapter available fit for unusual thread types

Clamp Brakes:

Length:  75mm / 2.95"
Width:  35.90mm / 1.41"
Depth:  25.80mm / 0.99"
Weight: approx 210g / 7.2 oz
Threaded Brakes:

M18x1 - M18x1.5 - 5/8x24

Length:  65mm / 2.56"
Width:  35.90mm / 1.41"
Depth:  25.80mm / 0.99"
Weight: approx 190g / 6.7 oz

Threaded Brakes:

M14x1 - M15x1

Length:  57mm /  2,2"
Width:  30.90mm / 1.21"
Depth:  24.90mm / 0.98 "
Weight: approx 120g / 4.2 oz


Ordnance Grade Steel


    -  Phosphated ( Typical Mil-Spec Finish)
    -  Matt Blued ( Matt Deep Black Finish)
    -  CrN Plasma Coated ( for a Matt Stainless colour)
    -  TiAIN Plama Coated ( for a dark Anthricite colour)
    -  Ceracoat Coated ( choice of colours)

( Please note: TiAIN or CrN coating can add approximatel 2 weeks to the delivery time )

Shooting a High Powered Rifle creates a peak noise level that is damaging to the Human ear!

We recomend that all our customers take adequate precautions to prevent hearing damage whilst shooting.
We accept no responsibility for Hearing Damage caused whilst using any of our products.

Please measure the exact muzzle diameter of your rifle barrel directly at the muzzle or verify the thread and pitch of your muzzle thread before ordering.

Please follow the safety precautions
(Mounting Instructions)